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Nambiti Plains Lodge by Jeremy and Lana Williamson

This has to be one of the best located luxury Lodge within the Nambiti Private Game Reserve. Nambiti Plains happens to be a favourite wildlife accommodation venue of mine, have a look here and you will see why. 

The almost 11,000 ha game reserve is some 30 minutes drive from Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal with the entrance to the northern sector of the Park for Nambiti Plains Lodge  through its Memorial Gate, accessed from Elandslaagte. The gate commemorating the site of the Battle of Elandslaagte of October 1899 during the Second Anglo-Boer War.

Nambiti Plains is a 5 star luxury Eco-Lodge which is very centrally located in this Big 5 Game Reserve. It is so easy to quickly access a special sighting, be it to the north or the south of Nambiti Game Reserve by being so central.

We have reviewed Nambiti Plains Private Game Lodge previously in June 2015.
See varied details of the venue
and December 2013

It's getting better all the time. The general  infrastructure remains much the same although there have been additional accommodation units added and a soft refurbishment of the fabrics and some fixtures and fittings since these visits. 

The water-hole has been enlarged and there is a new access road to the north of Nambiti Game Reserve on the east of Nambiti Plains' Camp, thus affording a possible circular loop road to the areas beyond the Sunday's River, with a new rather scenic river crossing too.

Nambiti Plains Lodge now consists of 3 Honeymoon suites as well as 2 double, possible 'family' units that comprise two totally independent private double / twin rooms, both rooms accessed through a single communal entrance foyer. This is ideal for families and or close friends, as one is thus able to create what is effectively an interleading suite without the need to go outside. Alternatively they may be enjoyed as completely independent private units. You might be able to say Hi! To your neighbour as you depart to rendesvous for your game drive but otherwise you are totally separate.

One suite to the left, the other to the right.

View of the foyer from one of the rooms. The closed door is the entrance to the second suite.The verandas and windows of all units are isolated and screened from the adjacent unit ensuring total privacy between all the chalets. The walls are soundproofed between the two 'family' rooms as well.

With hands on management and excellent staff, one's time relaxing at the Lodge is made the best of. Roomy air-conditioned suites, expansive decks and comfortable seating and lounges, lets one make the most of the time between the guided game drives.

The very near location of the water-hole offers almost constant close viewing of a parade of animals coming to slake their thirst or just enjoying the safety? of the close proximity to the Lodge, with many antelope also seeking sanctuary within the camp grounds. These have consequently become rather tame to the coming and going of guests and staff. The open to the bush aspect of the Camp requires that one's ranger escorts guests to and from their rooms after dark, 

 the neat gravel paths making a subtle, audible warning of one's progress, an early warning to some unsuspecting animal, preventing them being 'spooked' and finding guests within their comfort zone with possible dire consequences. 

Imagine dining on the deck within meters of antelope browsing and grazing in close proximity yet free to bound away into the bushveld at their leisure. See our U-Tube video.

The service and cuisine live up to the tested reputation of this very excellent luxurious venue that is constantly upgrading, be it staff, decor, meal options and standards, always with the excellent game drives as afforded by this very diverse and 'productive' game reserve experience of Nambiti Private Game Reserve.

Images of a Honeymoon suite. Beautifully appointed ith a tea station and stocked bar fridge.

There is an indoor shower as well as this rustic, private outdoor one.

Then there are the joined "Family units" The older, slightly smaller ones below

 The private shower and vanity with the loo through the door.of the older units.

To the newer and larger two "Family units" below

To the Main Lodge

 The well stocked Curio Shop

The indoor dining area and tea station - coffee too.

Cosy lounging area.

A couch with a superb view - anytime !

Rising at dawn to teas, coffee and rusks or house biscuits before the guided open vehicle game drive on the Nambiti Game Reserve. Blankets at the ready! Bring your camera.

These images were taken on this visit. Nambiti Plains Lodge in the Nambiti Private Game Reserve offers excellent value for money luxury accommodation and wonderful cuisine with the quality of the guided game viewing experience outstanding. Contact Far and Wild Safaris on to find out more or to make a booking. This Lodge comes highly recommended by our experienced staff keeping up to date with the Lodge's really excellent standards.

All photographs by Jeremy and Lana Williamson.

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