Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sebumo Tude Nature Lounge - Kenton-on-Sea, Eastern Cape

Lana and I were visiting some Lodges in the Eastern Cape early September and we planned on driving all the way through from Durban, to a place close to our first game park, which has its access by river from Kenton-on-Sea, with a fairly early departure.
Sebumo Tude Natures Lounge, a four star venue set in the coastal Albany Thicket and forests seemed a good choice. It certainly was !

 Situated slightly inland and between Port Alfred and Kenton-on-Sea, we arrived late afternoon, to be welcomed by Ron and Doris, German, and their two Great Danes, Danish, to their delightful nature retreat.  

The wind was blowing fairly strongly, giving quite a nip to the air. To our Chalet where we unpacked, freshened up, enjoyed the view, contacted family ...

...  then strolled back to the Main Lodge, where a warm fire and warm hospitality welcomed us.  

 Lana and I liked the attention to detail and the artistic nuances prevalent in and around the Lodge. Secret pathways, hidden benches, clever art pieces and a homely ambience. A chandelier in the lounge was made sparkly by tumbled colored glass pieces. Ron and Doris have an eye for quirky lovely art.
Lana loved a small piece that was a local South African interpretation of “The Musicians of Bremen” Such a sweet tale I remember from my youth,

Now safely on display in our home

Instead of the donkey, dog , cat and a rooster, it was a rather stylised and beautifully garish buffalo, zebra, leopard and guinea fowl stacked. Now that would have been a monstrous cocophony!
Being close to the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, Ron had included a rather beautiful stencil artwork, depicting Nelson Mandela, as a feature. 

Candles were lit and strategically placed throughout the lounges and dining area. Super service and much appreciated, special as we were the only guests there that night.

Doris is well known for her speciality cuisine and we were fortunate to have been offered her signature dishes.
Tomato Melange with Cocktail Tomatoes, prawn and crispy Bacon
Main Course
250 gr. Venison Fillet served with a Butternut-Walnut Quiche and a Green Pepper Sauce
Lemon Mousse
This was an outstanding meal, accompanied by copious amounts of wine and great discourse with our hosts.  The wine hailed from our Cape and not from the Rhine, from whence Ron and Doris originate.  A solar lantern to light our way to our cabin, its warm light could not keep away the cold, I deemed it appropriate that a fire be made in the hearth. Kindle and matches soon had the timber aflame and we retreated to our warm duvet, cosily ensconced – a long day.

We were on the deck early,  as the sun crept up over the hill behind us, slowly painting the dense bush in glowing shades of spring. What a dawn chorus from the very numerous birds, all seeking best vantage at the tops of the shrubbery and trying to outdo one another in their musical expertise.  Repeated flashes of brilliant red and green as one, then another, then .. now was that the same one... Knysna Turaco flitted and glided from tree to tree.

Morning ablutions were bliss, hot shower, with the most delightful soaps and shampoo, then what a pleasure to take my towel from the warm Bathroom Butler. Tad chilly for me in the outdoor shower.

this one was for the pool

Today the wind had died so Lana and I meandered lazily through the indigenous gardens to breakfast.

The pool looked so inviting.

Our sumptuous breakfast was laid out, al fresco on one of the decks with a stupendous view, sharing this with the resident two Great Danes, these massive canines warming themselves in the sun on large mattresses. Well behaved they were too. We thought of our US friend Cindy and hers.

We feasted on fruit and yoghurt, then a full cooked brekka arrived -  Full house and with a pot of coffee we were replete.
There are numerous walks and mountain biking trails on the property with the bird watching really good. Wee took it easy, binocs to the eyes, until it was time for our 30 minute drive to Kenton-on-Sea and our visit to the Sibuya Game Reserve. What an excellent decision it was to have chosen Sebumo Tude as an overnight stop - where such a venue really comes into its own though, would be as a destination away from the madding crowds, a place to unwind and relax, a place for a holiday for a few or more days. You will certainly be well looked after.

Photographs by Jeremy and Lana Williamson

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