Friday, April 29, 2011

Mpila Camp - Umfolozi Game Reserve

For the Easter Holidays we decided to take a little break and get out of Durban for the weekend and so our trip to Mpila Camp was planed and booked - well in advance due to the popularity of the camp.

For our trip we chose to stay in the 2 bed Chalets - each of the 2 bed chalets have their own little kitchenette, bathroom with a Toilet & Shower, table and chairs inside, a little deck with outside table & chairs and their own braai area in front of the chalet with the most amazing views.

 Once we were settled in and unpacked we headed out on our first drive, which was an eventful drive due to the fact that it seemed like every corner we turned there were White Rhino, in total we saw 17 white rhino during our first few hours in the park! our subsequent game drives were similar but besides all the rhino we also saw: Cheetah, Lion, Hyena, Buffalo, Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe, Impala, Wildebeest, Kudu, Nyala, Warthog and the list goes on.

Our first night went hand in hand with the day and was also eventful, Mpila Camp is not fenced besides an elephant wire, so all other game shorter than an elephant is able to wander into camp should they wish to. I had been pre-warned and thankfully so as whilst we were braaing that night a hyena walked right past us! when we shone our torch on the hyena it slinked off into the bush and didn't bother us again - there were 6 of us all huddled around the fire, but as soon as we were seated in the safety of our veranda (and after the meat was cooked) not one but two cheeky hyenas came to inspect our braai for any leftovers, unfortunately for them there were none.

The friends who went with us had a chance sighting of the elusive Black Rhino but unfortunately by the time we reached the spot the animal had moved off, so yet again they continue to elude us, but this just means that we will have to continue going back to the bush to try and find them! looking at the sightings board which is up in the Reception area of Mpila Camp it seemed like everyone was having a good weekend as there were even 2 sightings of Wild Dog, that afternoon we did go in search of the wild dog but could not find them - as we all know they can move very quickly and cover vast areas.

all in all it was a nice and relaxing weekend and I will definitely go back to Mpila Camp - hopefully sometime soon! 

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