Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ngala Safari Lodge : May 2010

After the Northern Sabi Sands we then moved onto the Timbavati which is North of the Sabi Sands and here we stayed at Ngala Safari Lodge, our thatched cottage with a shaded veranda nestled amoungst the trees was very comfortable and stylish, on walking to our cottage we even had the pleasure of seeing a little bush buck which has become so used to the people around the chalets that she didn't even blink an eye as we walked past.

At Tea time and just before our Game Drive we had the pleasure of watching a little tree squirrel stealing sugar cubes! it was just so cute I couldn't chase it away and instead took the below pictures.


The Game in the Timbavati is quite good as we managed to see not only the High Profile game such as Lion, Elephants, Rhino, Buffalo & the elusive Leopard but we also had a spectacular sighting of Hyena Cub at the den, they were so very cute and were curious as to what exactly we were so decided to come and sniff the vehicles tires! our other amazing sighting was to see a Baby Elephant which was most likely born the day/night before, it was so adorable and the heard moved quickly to surround and protect the baby, our ranger decided not to push the heard and we left them with their new addition in peace.

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