Thursday, August 6, 2009


The "SA Tourism Update" Marketing Index released last week has indicated that established international tour operators fear a disrupted supply of product during the period of the 2010 World Cup Soccer tournament next year and rate the introduction of  carbon-neutral schemes less important than other issues such as solving the crime problem.
With less than a year left to go until the 2010 World Cup, responses from 280 tour operator respondents around the world regarding the major soccer tournament were interesting.
Results show that operators in the major source markets are fearful about the disrupted supply and displaced business they expect as a result of the event. Surprisingly only 56 % of SA-based operators thought the World Cup will be good for their business. This was the same as the percentage in Germany with the UK at 52 %. In the North American market 64 % of operators were actually negative and in the rest of Europe 66 % said it would not be good for their business.
The Marketing Index was conducted in association with Grant Thornton and SATSA. It covers twelve areas of interest to tourism suppliers engaged international marketing.
We are already experiencing difficulty with securing available accommodation during the World Cup period and what is more disappointing is how a few of our preferred venues have escalated  tariffs beyone a reasonable margin. What really surprises me, is that even Provincial Government Departments with accommodation, have embraced this profiteering - they , at best, should be the ones setting an example by not inflating prices. What sort of signal are we going to give to the International Market ? What a perfect opportunity to show how inexpensive this "long haul" destination really is.
I have been plesantly surprised to find that a number of our preferred venues have not embraced 'Match"  and have not increased their tariffs above their normal 2009 / 2010 normal increment, interestingly most are already nearly fully booked for this period - Good for them!!
Let's not miss or mess up one of the finest opportunities we have ever had to showcase our Country
What are your thoughts on this?
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Jeremy Williamson

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